New Player Registration

Interesting in Training and Playing with MYFC ?

Most of our teams are on the lookout for new players all the time. However, before we take your money and you to turn up for training, we take a couple of baby steps first.

  1. We ask you to complete the form at the bottom of the page.
  2. You’ll receive and email to confirm receipt.
  3. We’ll check with the coach that spaces are available in that team
  4. Once approved, you will receive another email confirming your place.
  5. At this point, you will receive an automated email asking you to complete your application and pay. Before you pay, we do suggest arranging a couple of sessions for you and your child to check that everyone is happy and it’s a good fit.

Top tips for completing the membership form (all players)

  1. Please select the correct membership category – see correct age groups in the table below. You can choose to pay in one instalment for the whole season or in two equal instalments. If you choose to pay in two instalments, you will be paid up until 31 December and then need to pay the second instalment. We will remind you about this in December.
  2. Please make sure you upload a recent, clear photo of the player’s head and shoulders. This will be used for Club, FA and league player registration purposes.
  3. Please select the correct age group. At MYFC, we offer both mixed teams and girls only teams – our girls section is called the MYFC Angels. When chosing your age group, please select between Mixed and Angels. And please use the below table to select the correct age group based on the player’s date of birth and School Year in September 2020.

Age GroupSchool Year
U6Year 1
U7Year 2
U8Year 3
U9Year 4
U10Year 5
U11Year 6
U12Year 7
U13Year 8
U14Year 9
U15Year 10
U16Year 11
U17Year 12
U18Year 13

Key Player Membership Contacts:

Player Registration Secretary. : Justin Al-Kaisy

Club Welfare Officer : Angela Paddon

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