Guidance on Use of Player Data and Photos

  1. Access to the Club Directory containing player membership details has been granted
    to individual team managers only (plus team administrators if the team has one).
  2. The Club Directory is secure and so is the best place to store and access your
    player data.
  3. Managers will need to extract some data from the Club Directory to run their team
    (e.g. emergency contact numbers and medical information) but managers should only
    extract the minimum data they really need and leave the rest stored where it is. The
    Club Directory is the safest place to keep the data. Any physical documents (e.g.
    laminated emergency contact sheets) should be carefully looked after by managers
    and coaches and destroyed/shredded once they are no longer needed or have
    become out-of-date.
  4. If managers create other electronic documents containing player data (e.g.
    emergency contact lists) these documents should be password protected. If that
    document then needs to be shared by e-mail (e.g. with another coach in the age
    group) it is best practice to send the password to the recipient in a text rather than by
    e-mail. Use a password that is easy to remember but not easy to guess.
  5. The key rule is only share player data on a need to know basis:
    o Sharing player information within the Club
    Only share the information with people in the Club who need to know the
    information. And only share the information they actually need to see.
    o Sharing player information outside the Club
    The only reason that player information should need to be shared outside the
    club is for league, cup and tournament registration and administration
    purposes. And again only share the minimum information required.
  6. Out of date player data or data about former players that managers and coaches
    have stored on laptops or PCs or in e-mail folders should be deleted on a regular
  7. Posting player photos online:
    o The Club can post player photos online on its website and social media
    platforms on an unnamed basis if the player’s parent has given consent as
    part of the player registration process. Managers need to check their
    squad on the Club Directory and make a note of any players where
    “Social media and images” consent has not been given. And then when
    it comes to managers and coaches posting any team photos online those
    players need to be excluded from the photos. While this could cause practical
    issues, managers and coaches need to respect the wishes of that player’s

o The posting of player photos online along with player names is only
permitted if a parent or guardian gives specific consent by e-mail at the time
and before the photos are posted.

  1. These rules are reflected in the Club’s Privacy Notice which complies with GDPR. As
    part of the player registration process, all parents have had to confirm they had read
    and agreed to the Club’s Privacy Notice.
    Questions and queries
    • Database and player directories: Club Secretary – John Whitehead
    • Concerns about player data: Data Protection Officer – John Whitehead
    • Player welfare concerns: Club Welfare Officer – Angela Paddon

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