League Fixture Management

Hi all MYFC Team Managers and Age Group Co-ordinators

Home kick off time and venue changes

If you need to change the ko time or venue for any home fixtures from what it says on FA Full Time:

Of course, sometimes we’ll be the ones telling you that a change to your home fixture needs to happen – this happens quite often at our Club as we have so many teams and venues…
For NWYFL mixed team fixtures, strictly speaking changes should be notified to the league 14 days in advance so they can update FA Full Time and so the opposition/referees are notified and can plan accordingly. 
The girls league tends to be a bit more flexible as long as Team Managers have agreed the changes with their opposite number. 
Sometimes the required notice isn’t practical – if matchday is not far off, you need to make sure you let the opposition (and referee if you have one appointed) know about the change asap so they go to the right place at the right time. And we will inform the relevant league (or sometimes ask you to). I can advise on what to do here if you’re not sure. In general, if a Team Manager has agreed a change with their opposite number, then it should be ok.

Fixture postponements
Postponements are permitted in some circumstances e.g. bad weather making pitches unplayable or conditions unsafe, school events (e.g. DofE) taking players out, Covid-19. Alex or I can advise on this, what you need to do and what details the league will need depending on the circumstances.
When it’s driven by the weather, sometimes the venue provider will make the call and let us know their pitch can’t be used. In other cases, it will be left to us as the Club to make the call bearing in mind player safety of players and also to ensure our pitches last the whole season. And sometimes on the day itself, Team Managers might have to make the call themselves. One tricky area can be frozen pitches not thawing out in time for morning kicks offs. We’ll cross these bridges when we come to them…

Discipline, Safeguarding and Covid-19
For any disciplinary matters, you should contact me as Club Secretary. 
For any safeguarding matters, please contact Angela Paddon as Club Welfare Officer (angelapaddon@hotmail.com) or me as an alternative.
For any Covid-19 matters, please contact Alex Reynolds as Covid-19 Officer (alexjmreynolds@gmail.com) or Angela as an alternative.

General Tasks and Guidance
When it comes to league admin in general, please find attached the materials Julie at NWYFL prepared for the CPD event NWYFL ran for new volunteers last Sunday. I know many of our brand new Team Managers and Coaches on the mixed side attended this event. 
This deck contains additional content on other some topics (e.g. on coach qualifications and safeguarding) which I’ll cover in another instalment!
It includes a few NWYFL/mixed football specific points which differ slightly in the Wilts Girls League e.g. the playing formats change at different ages in girls football. But the deck serves as a useful summary and checklist for all Team Managers and Age Group Co-ordinators so worth a read. If you’re not sure if something applies to you and your team, you can check with me.

Help and League Contacts
Hopefully this is all useful and I’ll generally be your first port of call to answer any questions. We also have very good contacts and relationships at the two leagues. Generally best to go via me as Club Secretary and I’ll contact them as and when required. But for some things, I may ask you to go directly to them.

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