League Match Report

All league teams have to submit match reports even in the youngest development leagues where no scores are published. FYI, both leagues we play in have said they are going to be stricter on match reporting this season…

Accessing FA Full Time Admin

All Team Managers need to be able to access FA Full Time Admin and/or the Matchday App (see below) in order to submit match reports. 
New Team Managers should now have been granted access by NWYFL or the Wilts Girls League and received automated e-mails from FA Full Time. Any access issues please let me know and I can check with the relevant league. I understand you need to click on the link in the automated e-mail you’ve received from FA Full Time in order to log in for the first time and that the link may expire after a week or so of being sent. If you’ve not received anything, please check your spam folders before getting in touch with me.Age Group Co-Ordinators should also now have been granted FA Full Time Admin access as a back-up so you can also submit and check match reports in an emergency or if your Team Managers are away. So they are Rena for U7 Mixed, Alastair for U8 Mixed, Sarah for U13 Mixed, Lisa for U14 Mixed, Jo for U9 Girls and Georgie for U10 Girls. As above, let me know if you’re having any access issues.

Existing Team Managers should now all be able to log in to FA Full Time Admin using your Whole Game System credentials – so the e-mail address you use for WGS plus your WGS password. Failing that, try the FA Full Time Admin e-mail and password combination you used last season.
This is the FA Full Time Admin login page: https://fulltime-admin.thefa.com/gen/Login.do

You should hopefully all now be able to login in using the WGS e-mail/password option. That is the first option in the screenshot below/attached.


Accessing the FA Matchday App

You can also submit match reports using the FA Matchday App. You download the App and then access and set up the App (and your teams) using your main FA Whole Game System login credentials – so the e-mail address you use for WGS plus your WGS passwor

Match reporting deadlinesThe key deadlines to remember are:

  • Reply to the text message from FA Full Time with the match score asap after the end of the match. The official deadline is within 3 hours. It only takes a few seconds. The text recipient has been set as the mobile number of the Team Manager. If any Team Managers don’t receive a text from Full Time after their match this weekend, let me know.
  • Complete the match report on the FA Full Time Admin website or the FA Matchday App within 3 days following your weekend match. For Sunday matches, that means 6pm on the following Wednesday.

Guidance on completing match reports

Here is a link to guidance on submitting match reports on the FA Full Time Admin website:https://grassrootstechnology.thefa.com/support/solutions/articles/48001158765-completing-match-returns-on-full-time-match-stats-results-sheets-Here is a link for guidance on submitting match reports on the FA Matchday App. FYI the most common issue on the App is making sure you have recorded and then actually submitted which of your squad played so please watch out for this. https://grassrootstechnology.thefa.com/support/solutions/articles/48001073161-submitting-a-match-report-match-returns-in-matchday-app

Help and League Contacts
Hopefully this is all useful but I’ll generally be your first port of call to answer any questions. We also have very good contacts and relationships at the two leagues (Julie Doyle at NWYFL and Rob Bridges at Wilts Girls League) who can help with system access issues plus any thorny issues which I can’t solve with you. Generally best to go via me as Club Secretary and I’ll contact them as and when required. But sometimes I may ask you to go directly to them. 

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