League Player Registration

All MYFC league team managers will need these on match days ready to show the opposition and referee if you have one. The opposition teams should be doing the same! You can download and save on your phone and/or print.
Step 1. Log in to Whole Game using your login credentials (e-mail plus WGS password) https://wholegame.thefa.com/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2F Any access issues, let me know
Step 2. Click on “My Clubs and Teams” – see first screenshot below/attached.

Screenhot 1.JPG

Step 3. Click on “Player Portal” – see second screenshot below/attached. This is a new step that takes you to the new FA system.

Screenshot 2.JPG

Step 4 – Click on the “Squad List” icon on the right hand side – see third screenshot below/attached. The list should then automatically download to the device you’re using. I’ve found that you sometimes have to click on the icon a second time to start the download and that the download can take 30 seconds so be patient. The Squad List may not pop up on your device but will have been downloaded as a pdf to the device you are using so check your recent downloads folder. You can then save the pdf to that device ready to present on match day and/or print off a copy.

Screenshot 3.JPG

FA Matchday App

If you use the FA’s Matchday App, you can also see your league registered players listed there. The leagues have not been clear as to whether the list on the Matchday App is an official record or not and have focussed instead on the Squad Lists. So the safest course of action is to download the actual Squad List as above and use the App as a back-up only.
I will send you all some more know-how re the FA Matchday App in the next few days…

Missing Players/Coaches
If any players are missing from the Squad List whom you expect to be there, please check with Justin. There can be a 24/48 hr time lag but if they are fully registered with the league on Thursday, they should appear on your Squad List by Saturday morning. 
It will also be clear when you look at your Squad List if there are any coaches missing and if there are any missing photos of coaches. All coaches who will be in the technical area on match days must be listed. For any missing coaches, contact me. For any missing coach photos, coaches need to log onto WGS using their login credentials (e-mail plus WGS password) and update their profile so please chase your coaches to do so.
The Squad Lists may also list emergency contact details for some or all players. Please bear in mind that this personal data is on the sheet (as well as your players’ names and photos) so please look after your sheets and delete/destroy any copies of old ones you no longer need.

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