Volunteers Welcome Pack

Welcome from the Chairman

Thank you for volunteering to be a part of Marlborough Youth Football Club. MYFC is run entirely by volunteers for the benefit of the community, and we are proud of what we do. Our work has seen us grow from 20-30 players in 2009 to over 300 in 2020/21. We also won the WIltshire Sports Club of the Year in 2014 and with over 50 volunteers, we are understood to be the largest provider of a youth service in the region. Welcome aboard….

Next Steps

  1. Register for your FAN here. This will be needed for all courses, DbS check. Firstly you need an FA Number. This is the number that the FA (football association) will use as your personal identity number in all your activities with the FA (courses etc).The process for this is very straight forward, and you do this at their website; https://secure.thefa.com/fan/register.aspxOnce you have your FA Number (FAN for short), we need to get the CRC process started (process in next folder).Make sure you keep a copy of your FA Number as you will need it!
  2. Read out ethos, polices, guidance and working principles. They are not onerous and designed to help you in your day to day workings within the team,
  3. Please complete the DBS process. This needs to be completed in full before you can volunteer
  4. Please tick the box at the bottom of the page to confirm you have read and understood the information in order to be a volunteer.
  5. Read out contact us page to understand the Club Structure http://myfc.me.uk/web/index.php/mixed-teams_2017-18/ and http://myfc.me.uk/web/index.php/angels-football/ , and details of the Chair, Exec, General Committee, and Team Managers http://myfc.me.uk/web/index.php/about-us/

We welcome all queries and suggestions at chair@myfc.me.uk

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